Community Grants

The DVLP will offer grants of between £500 and £2,000 to local community groups and organisations in order to further the aims and objectives of the DVLP.

This flexible fund will run throughout the lifetime of the DVLP. It provides the opportunity to support groups to develop their own projects to complement the main activities of the DVLP.

The Project

You can apply for a grant through the DVLP grants scheme if:

  • You can clearly demonstrate you contribute towards the aims and objectives of the DVLP
  • You are seeking a grant of between £500 and £2,000
  • Projects have public benefit rather than private gain
  • Will benefit the Dearne Valley

Applications can be submitted by:

  • Individuals and organisations, including public bodies, community groups and charities
  • Single organisations and partnerships
  • Commercial organisations, including farmers and landowners, only if the application is classed as a Small/Medium Enterprise (SME)

We will offer grants of up to up to a maximum of £2,000. Whilst we can potentially fund all the costs of a project, applications are more likely to be successful if they can provide a contribution (match funding) of their own. We would ideally expect the match funding to be provided in the form a cash contribution, but there may be occasions where in kind funding (volunteer time, use of a building, etc) is eligible. Please discuss this with us as part of the pre-application process.

We will fund projects that:

  • Take place within the DVLP area
  • Deliver the aims and objectives of the DVLP
  • Meet the conditions set out in the grant guidance

We will support:

  • Capital Projects – physical works such as the conservation of buildings or the creation of new habitats
  • Revenue Projects – activities such as events, workshops, publications or research

Projects must not be the day to day activity of the individual or organisation, in that the grant must support something above and beyond normal activity. The project must have clear aims, with a clear and identified completion date.

We strongly recommend you contact the DVLP team before you submit your final application form so we can discuss your plans and offer advice. We prefer applications and evidence submitted digitally (PDF, Word documents, image files, etc) via email.

Grant applications will be received throughout the year, with the Grants Panel meeting every two months. Therefore we will aim to make a decision on your application within 8 weeks of it being submitted. The Grants Panel will be managed by the DVLP Programme Management Team, but is made up of representatives of the partner organisations of the DVLP.

Each application will be considered on its own merits, assessing how it contributes to the DVLP aims and objectives, its value for money, the likely impact and the size of the grant required. We will look at how and whether your project:

  • Supports the aims and objectives of the DVLP
  • Is an appropriate response to a need or opportunity
  • Meets our priorities for either conservation or learning (or both)
  • Is well planned and your proposals for managing it are sound
  • Can be delivered by your organisation
  • Is financially realistic and there is a clear need for funding
  • Promotes far greater levels of public benefit than private gain

Application Forms

You can download the application form, guidance notes and map of the DVLP boundary below.

If you have any questions about the application process or a potential project you are seeking funding for then please do no hesitate to contact the DVLP Programme Management Team - 01226 772139 or