Barnsley Butterfly Atlas

We are mapping Barnsley's Butterflies and need more records to produce a detailed atlas of all butterflies in Barnsley since the year 2000.

Butterflies are the best-studied UK insects by far, providing vital insights into the changing state of wider biodiversity and the ecosystem services that depend upon it, as well as an important opportunity for the general public to engage with conservation, citizen science and the natural world. Restoring butterfly populations across the UK, in gardens, urban green spaces and the countryside, is likely to bring substantial benefits to innumerable other species but also to the health, wealth and well-being of the human population

Sadly many of our UK butterflies are declining, following on-going monitoring in the UK. The new analyses provide further evidence of the serious, long-term and on-going decline of UK butterflies, with 70% of species declining in occurrence and 57% declining in abundance (based on the UKBMS) since 1976.(Butterfly Conservation, 2017)


Butterflies in the Barnsley Borough have generally been well recorded over the decades, however the last butterfly atlas showing their distribution and abundance locally was last published in 1999. As a result we have little data locally to analyse and monitor any significant trends of key species during the last 18 years, that’s where YOU can help?

The DVLP working in partnership with Sorby Natural History Society and Barnsley Biological Records Centre have teamed up on an exciting new project called the ‘Barnsley Butterfly Atlas’.

The project aims to encourage local people of all ages and skill levels  to volunteer and submit any records they have on butterflies seen in the Barnsley Borough since 1999.

How can you help?

  • Submit existing records to (any time after 1999, as detailed as possible with 6 figure grid references if possible please)
  • Undertake a survey of your local area, garden or green space in Barnsley and submit your records
  • Volunteer for the project and undertake our free workshop on survey and identification

group survey

You can also get hold of our leaflet below if you would like to encourage others to get involved too.

butterfly atlas 1

butterfly atlas 2

In addition, if you would like some additional guidance on identification of UK butterflies please visit Butterfly Conservation:

For more information on the project and how to get involved please contact us at or call us on 01226-772414

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