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We use links to transfer you seamlessly between the pages of our website and quite often those of external websites.

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Content on our websites

We occasionally contract other companies to provide some of our online services. Where we do, we make this clear to you.

Whilst we try to ensure that their information is not illegal, offensive or defamatory, we can’t accept any liability for any consequences that may arise.

Where we do this, there may be additional terms and conditions governing the use of their websites. These additional terms will be available on their websites, supplied directly by the provider and must be adhered to in order to use their services.


All rights in this website and its contents, including copyright and database rights, are owned by or licensed to Barnsley Council. The site may only be used in accordance with:

  • The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988
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  • In the case of other parties, the respective copyright owner

Public notices and press statements on this website may be reproduced free of charge provided that they are reproduced accurately and the source acknowledged. The DVLP logo may not be reproduced. The ordnance survey map data on this website is provided under licence from Ordnance Survey. Use of such data is restricted to viewing online and printing one copy.

Viruses and Security

We make every effort to check and test the material on our websites for malicious software or ‘malware’.

However, we can’t accept any responsibility or liability for any loss, disruption or damage to your electronic device, or information contained on it, which may occur as a result of using material from our websites. It’s always advisable to run an anti-virus program on any material downloaded from the internet.

If an email infected with malicious software is sent to us, it will be deleted automatically before it reaches our email system. Please be aware that if you have unintentionally sent us an email infected with malicious software, it will not reach us.

Emails sent to and from us

When you send us an email, we’ll always try to reply in an acceptable period of time.

However, we also operate an anti-spam filtering system on all emails received. There’s no guarantee that proof of email submission by you is proof of email receipt by us. If you believe we may have misidentified your email as spam, please let us know via a different method.

If you receive an email that states or appears to be from us that is suspicious, please delete it without forwarding it onto anyone.

Data Protection

The DVLP take the protection of data seriously. As we are part of Barnsley Council we have robust systems regarding the protection of data, We receive regular updates and training on these issues within the Council and are monitored to make sure we comply. The only information we hold on individuals are the booking sheets for any of our events that people book onto and the mailing list for our newsletter. All information is securely stored and can only be accessed by members of the DVLP team. We never share this information with anyone else. When the DVLP ends in June 2019 we will delete the newsletter mailing list and any contact information we store on our booking spreadsheets.

Contact information on a project by project basis, for groups and partners we are working with, is stored in individual address books within Microsoft Outlook on staff members’ computers which are all secure.

For the newsletter, we use the Mailchimp online system, access to this account is password protected and only accessed by members of the DVLP team. We never add anyone to the mailing list without their express permission (in writing), people mainly subscribe themselves and they are also able to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of newsletter, this will delete all information. In summary:

  • The only information we have from individual is an email address, or for those attending workshops / events a contact telephone number
  • We never share any of the data we hold with any other organisation, even within the Partnership
  • Our systems and protocols for the storage of information are in line with the Barnsley Council policies
  • We will delete any contact details, for the newsletter or the booking of events, we hold at the end of the DVLP programme in June 2019.