Geocaching in the Dearne Valley

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices to find hidden items known as ‘geocaches’.

We are working with local enthusiasts to place new geocaches and take people to locations that have a story to tell. The Dearne Valley is rich with sites of heritage and natural importance and geocaching helps bring them to life.

One geocache trail we have developed is based on locations used for the iconic film Kes.The circular route takes you from Hoyland through Skiers Spring Wood, to Tankersley Old Hall, up to Hoyland Lowe Stand and back. Part of the route is the same as that walked when Barry Hines (author of Kes) and Ken Loach (director) were developing the film. The Kes geocaches have been found hundreds of times since they were placed in October 2015.

All our geocaches are available to find on You can register for a free account and download the free app on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.kes

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