Hedge Laying Workshop

It was a cold day at New Park Springs, Grimethorpe yesterday but an intrepid group spent the day working with Simon Fowler an expert in traditional rural crafts.

The free day long event, funded by the DVLP working with the Forestry Commission was fully booked and all nine participants had a tiring but rewarding day. They learnt about hedgelaying, the traditional method of hedgerow management.

To quote from Simon’s website (www.peaktraditionalfencing.co.uk)

“Hedgelaying (plashing or pleaching) is a traditional method of hedgerow management to make a living stockproof barrier against sheep and cattle. Undertaken during winter when the sap is down, the hedgerow is first trimmed back. Next, each bush is partially cut through at the base. This allows the stem (pleacher) to be bent over, whilst still attached, and supported by stakes hammered into the ground. This process is repeated making a dense barrier about 4 feet high which, because each stem is still attached, springs into leaf come April”.

Not only did those attending learn about hedgelaying techniques but they put that learning into practice by working on lengths of hedges at New Park Springs.

We’ll be looking to hold similar workshops in the future so it you’re interested then please contact us on dvlp@barnsley.gov.uk or 01226 772414 and we’ll let you have more details when we arrange the workshops.

Photos by Roseanna Burton and Jo Agus.

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