Neon River

Look to the skies in the Dearne Valley this weekend as Patrick Murphy's Neon River launches!

As part of our Art of the Dearne project, we have commissioned three artists and an artist partnership to create a series of artworks in response to the landscape of the Dearne Valley. The aim of the project is to highlight the significance of the River Dearne and how it has shaped the people and landscape over centuries

Artist Patrick Murphy has given his project the title of ‘Neon River’. Neon (Greek νέον (néon), meaning “new”) the idea of creating a ‘new’ look at the river appealed and also the words connection to brightly coloured signs and lights suggested an ideal metaphor for signposting the river.

Neon River – Old Moor, Dearne Valley, South Yorkshire. Patrick Murphy/Anton Want

Patrick’s work is culminating in a spectacular laser light display across the Dearne Valley evening from Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th February, as the River Dearne becomes a River in the Sky.

Read all about it on Patrick’s Neon River website HERE 

If you’re out and about in the Dearne Valley, some great spots to see Neon River are indicated on a google map HERE

You can read the full details about our River Dearne artist commissions HERE

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