From Recording to Wildlife Watching….

Join the DVLP and our natural history partners for an array of upcoming wildlife workshops and field days throughout Autumn and Winter, exploring and encountering some of the fantastic wildlife in the Dearne Valley.

What’s On?….

Our successful training programme in wildlife identification and surveying continues with a variety of fantastic and free opportunities for all. The workshops will help equip participants to engage positively with their local environment and encourage them to actively record wildlife sightings in their local area.

The next few months will see a focus on autumnal and winter wildlife as summer draws to a close. Don’t be discouraged though, as their is still plenty to explore during the colder months.

(N.E Wildlife 2017, Turkey Tail Fungus)

For example why not come out  and explore the beauty of tree identification in the winter at Elsecar, explore the woodland floor at Worsbrough for discarded harvest mice nests, or have a go at  identifying the colour and varieties of mosses at West Haigh Woods…

Any age, skill level or background their is something for everyone, from absolute beginner to families and naturalists alike. We are a friendly group who learn from one another.

For details of all our upcoming and future events please visit our ‘What’s On‘ page and book on.

Fog covered pond(Broomhill Flash LNR in late Autumn)

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