Friday 7th November saw the culmination of six weeks of hard work by students from the University of Sheffield School of Architecture (SSoA) as part of the Live Projects programme.

Hemingfield Colliery Project leaflets

They have been working with the Friends of Hemingfield Colliery to help them make the site publically accessible and create a series of facilities that will secure the future of the colliery, generate income and maximise site occupancy.

Live Projects are a pioneering educational initiative introduced by the Sheffield School of Architecture. Students work in groups with a range of clients including local community groups, charities, health organisations and regional authorities. In some cases the projects involve actual building, in others design of urban masterplans, in others consultation exercises. In every case, the project is real, happening in real time with real people. The Live Projects set real constraints, responding to budget, brief and time. In each project there is regular contact with the client and a defined end result, normally a presentation, report and sometimes physical building work. The projects place a large responsibility on the groups to deliver; as opposed to most student projects these are public and accountable.

The 10 minute presentation, in front a full lecture theatre, really impressed everyone there with the scope of what they’ve achieved. They’ve carried out public consultation, designed a logo, carried out research, interviewed local people, helped clear some of the site, developed design options, identified funding opportunities, lit up the structure, built a number of models, created some promotional leaflets and produced an amazing video. The result is they’ve identified a preferred design and a phased approach that the Friends can take forward.

You can see the video here:

You can find out more about how the project progressed here:

You can find out more information about the Live Projects programme here:

The enthusiasm, commitment and creativity of the students was great to see and will really help move forward the development of the site. The DVLP put the Friends in contact with Sheffield University and the DVLP is looking to continue to support the project as part of its five year programme of activity.

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