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The Heritage of the Dearne

Using the past to protect the future

The Dearne Valley has a fascinating history which the Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership aims to help local people and visitors discover.

Revealing the Hidden Dearne

At the heart of the history and development of the area is the River Dearne. It is from this that the landscape, industry, economy and communities of the Dearne Valley spring. There is a wealth of listed buildings, historic structures, archaeology, history and cultural activity across the Dearne which the DVLP aims to raise awareness of. More information on these can be found below.


More information about how the key settlements in the Dearne and their development over time.

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The Dearne Valley has a wealth of listed buildings and structures.

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The development of the DVLP has brought together information about the archaeology of the Dearne Valley for the first time.

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Arts and Culture

The Dearne Valley has many hidden cultural gems and has had an impact on the arts and culture nationally.

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Intangible Heritage

Much of the heritage of the Dearne, as with other areas, is difficult to describe or explain. The intangible heritage is that which passes through generations or is just part of life in the Dearne.

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Development of the Dearne

In order to protect, preserve and enhance and create a future for the Dearne we need to understand how it has developed over time.

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Facts and Figures

To help understand the Dearne we need to look have specific information about the place and the people in it.

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