Dearne Valley Settlements

The landscape, geology and geography of the Dearne mean it has been at the heart of industrial development over thousands of years. Find out more about key locations in the Dearne below.

The Dearne Valley Over Time

At the heart of the history and development of the area is the River Dearne. It is from this that the landscape, industry, economy and communities of the Dearne Valley spring. Unlike some landscapes, the Dearne Valley doesn’t necessarily have a unifying theme. It doesn’t have one key listed building, or a distinctive landscape feature that defines the area. It doesn’t have a coherent and instantly understandable identity. This is both a strength and a weakness and something that has to be at the heart of the DVLP.

With the disparate landscapes and settlement there isn’t a consistent character across the area. Perhaps the common thread tying the area together is actually the River Dearne itself. It is physically at the heart of the Dearne Valley, with its origins in the Pennines, running through to the North Sea via the Rivers Don, Ouse and Humber. It is also economically, historically and socially at the heart of the area – what it was, what it became and what it can become in the future. It has been a driving force for change in the area, being one of the key reasons for industry of all sorts developing in the Dearne Valley. The river continues to breathe life into the area through the creation of new washlands, as well as causing problems through flooding.

The Settlements

More information about the key settlements within the Dearne Valley can be found by clicking the relevant links.