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Nature of the Dearne

Preserve, protect and enhance

Many years ago there would have been varied landscape of natural habitats and species of flora and fauna. This changed gradually over the period of history through man’s expansion in this area up to the turmoil of the industrial period. Farming has also had a big part to play in this change from being labour intensive to the modern mechanised period of today.

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Over the centuries natural habitats have been changed by human intervention.

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Earth and Industrial Heritage

The landform, ecology, land use and traditional industries of the Dearne Valley have largely been dictated by the underlying rocks.

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Statement of Significance

The Dearne Valley is a distinctive and special landscape. Whilst not formerly acknowledged as an Area of Outstanding National Beauty it contains spectacular views, varied countryside, nationally significant heritage, large expanses of wetlands and significant social history.

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Landscape Character

The Dearne Valley is an excellent example of an ‘everyday’ formerly industrialised landscape which nevertheless contains rich cultural heritage, biodiversity, recreational use and has an important role as the daily surroundings for its resident population.

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