Signposting the Dearne

This is a series of linked initiatives aimed at encouraging people to walk, cycle and ride horses to explore the Dearne.

This project will improve signage, information points and interpretation primarily from the Trans Pennine Trail to key sites.  It will bring specialists together with community volunteers to develop the interpretation and signage at key sites, transport hubs and gateway sites.

Specific walks and routes will be promoted and people will be able to learn more about the Dearne as they move around it. The network of public rights of way and in particular the Trans Pennine Trail (TPT) are an asset for the Dearne. It is possible to walk all the way from Conisbrough at the extreme east of the DVLP through to Barnsley in the extreme west of the area just using the TPT. It is vital that people visiting the area can easily find their way around the area.

The Project

This project will be achieved through:

  • Signage – Ensuring there is clear and consistent signage across the area to direct people to and between key sites and locations.
  • Arrival Points – Focusing on the key arrival points within the Dearne (stations, car parks, major visitor attractions) to ensure there is clear information and signage regarding what is in the Dearne.
  • Interpretation – Introducing high quality interpretation at key sites in the Dearne, developed in conjunction with the local community.
  • Leaflets, Guides, Geocaches and Guided Walks – Establishing a series of themed, circular walks and the production of leaflets and guides. Volunteers will be supported and trained to lead guided walks, which will take people on interesting routes through the area.The DVLP will work with partners across the Dearne in placing and promoting geocaches that can help tell the Stories of the Dearne.
  • Viewing Points – Creating new and highlighting existing viewing points across the Dearne Valley that provide views of the valley and access to the river.


Signposting the Dearne will be guided by the recommendations of the Dearne Valley Green Heart Interpretation Study which placed a significant emphasis on strategic routes in the area and the key arrival points. It identified seven strategic routes within the Dearne Valley along with themes, The DVGH Interpretation Study provides full details of each of the routes, the themes and the points of interest. These will be used as the basis for the development of the routes and walks programme, as well the promotion of existing walks within the area.

Through the development phase of the DVLP, the Signage and Waymarking Design Guide was developed and adopted for the DVLP. Improved signage along the routes, at gateway sites and at key points directed to places of interest is closely link to site improvements, marketing and path improvements.

As part of the development phase an interpretation strategy was commissioned to guide the DVLP’s approach to interpretation. This is a comprehensive strategy that is provided in support of the LCAP.


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Locations in the Dearne

All locations that are affected by this project are as follows: